My tools

Below are some of the tools I have made. Click on the pictures for larger images.  Most of my cutting tools are made from oil hardened drill rod which is available at a Fastenal store.  I will sometimes make a prototype out of a grade 8 bolt.  Information on using oil hardened drill rod is available at

Revised and Improved Steel Snake

This is the last revision for the rig.  The piece on the lathe is the top photo in the hollow forms.  I shortened the middle arm to allow a little more freedom of movement and to relieve some of the leverage.  Also made a 1 inch diameter boring bar and a 2 post tool rest with a 1 inch diameter bar.  Both of these additions cut down on the vibrations while hollowing.  I will I am sure make more changes as time goes along. 

Articulated Hollowing Rig Version 4

This is my version of Capt Eddies Steel Snake.  The rig was built using Bill Bolen and Fred Morton designs with several adaptations of my own.  This is Capt Eddies site with the informaiton.  Bill and Fred's versions can be found on sawmillcreek.  More information on my version can be found on familywoodworking found here.

My first lathe

Homemade lathe made in 2006 with adapted plans from ShopNotes Vol13, Issue 73

My current lathe

I currently turn on a Grizzly G0462 lathe.

Hollowing Rig Version 1

Handle is 24" long with a 6" hollow on the end filled with leadshot.

Hollowing Rig Close-Up

Also has a laser guide.

Hollowing Rig Version 2

This is my second version hollowing rig. It is a little beefier and  longer as well

Hollowing Rig Version 3

My third version hollowing rig includes a capturing D-handle as well.  This tool is based on a plan on  articles - make your own hollowing tools.

Homemade Tools

A shear scraper, Oland tool, hook tool, and 1/2 bowl gouge.

Homemade Tools Close-UP

A shear scraper, Oland tool, hook tool, and 1/2 bowl gouge.  Tools shown here are from aroundthe

Modular Tool Rests

Rests are made from rolled steel.  The design is based on several that I have seen online and some of my own ideas

Son Jeff with Oland Tool

We made the tool and the goblet I'm holding together.

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