A little about me...

I began turning in the winter of 2006 on a lathe that I built from ShopNotes Vol13, Issue 73. Here is a picture of that lathe. I soon knew that I'd been bitten by the turning bug....big time! I soon upgraded to a Grizzly G0462 and then upgraded that to a Jet 1642 EVS 1.5 hp.  Today I enjoy making turning tools as much as spinnig wood. Take a look at the tool section of the website to see some of the tools I've made.

I grew up working for my dad, KP Bower, in the construction industry and eventually took over the company as well. I sold the construction business in 1989,  but never lost my interest in woodworking. Over the years I have  designed and built furniture, buildings, houses, tools and many other things, but turning has rekindled my passion of working with wood.

I did live in Marysville, KS with 6 acres of wooded land providing a great supply of wood for turning.  I retired in July 2009, moved to Des Moines, IA, and now have more time to pursue my love of woodworking and tool making.

All of my turnings are a one of a kind turned from found wood.  I have never cut down a tree just to get the wood.  I find that I can get a lot of wood from tree trimming firms and just by keeping my eyes open for wood along the streets.

My son, Jeff Bower is also a wood turner and turns on the lathe that my dad made. You can learn more about his adventures in woodturning at his website,
MauBow Turnings, and blog, Fine Curlies.

WP Bower - Woodturner